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Spiritual Wall Art of Greek Goddess Aidos, Greek Wallpaper, Aidos Poster, Greek Gods Poster

Spiritual Wall Art of Greek Goddess Aidos, Greek Wallpaper, Aidos Poster, Greek Gods Poster

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The digital printable poster of Greek Goddess Aidos can be used as a permanent offering or to decorate a room.

In Greek mythology, Aidos was the personification of modesty, shame, and humility. She was often depicted as a young woman, sometimes accompanied by her sister, Nemesis, who represented retribution and revenge.

Aidos was considered to be a very important virtue in ancient Greek society, as it was seen as a way of maintaining balance and harmony within the community. People who were considered to have a strong sense of Aidos were seen as honorable and trustworthy, while those who were lacking in this virtue were often shunned or ostracized.

In art and literature, Aidos was often depicted as a modest and demure young woman, often with downcast eyes and a shy demeanor. She was also sometimes shown holding a balance or a set of scales, symbolizing her role as a goddess of justice and fairness.

Today, Aidos is remembered as a symbol of modesty and humility, and her legacy lives on in the many works of art and literature that depict her as a goddess of these virtues.

All these designs are actual experiences of our masters when summoning spirits. The spirit in this digital art design appeared in this form to the master who did the invocation. One of our masters, Golden Cloud, is a spiritual artist and draws the spirits based on the descriptions given by the masters and her own sessions where she connects with many different gods and spirits.
Spirits can shift shape depending on the person that does the invocation, time, and purpose. This is why you might find several different aspects of the same spirit.

How to find the right spirit for you?

Just look at the different designs of the same spirit and trust your instinct. You will be drawn to a particular spirit wallpaper. This is the one for you
If you want to use the spiritual wall art for offering purposes, let us know so we can activate it for you as soon as you printed it.

The activation will let the spirit know that you have prepared a permanent offering for you, making the spirit bless you with good fortune.
Having a spirit wallpaper in your room gives you a feeling of comfort and protection. It feels like someone is watching over you.

The best places to put your Spirit wallpaper:

• Bedroom (high possibility of dreams)
• Business Spot (office, shop, etc…) Increase in customers
• Living room: Protection
• Personal Temple: Consulting, wishing, guidance

Digital files included:

  • JPG: 4800px x 4800px 127x127cm - 16"x16" inches (you can resize it as you please
  • PNG: 4800px x 4800px 127x127cm - 16"x16" inches (you can resize it as you please)
  • PDF
  • SVG

Only for Personal use

If you want this print to be exclusively yours, you should purchase the Exclusive option. We will take down this design so nobody else can buy this one.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you have a few options.

You can print the image on your home printer,
upload the file to an online printer
transfer it to a USB drive and take it to your local print shop.
What’s the best way in my opinion? Online printing! You get really beautiful prints if you know where to go, plus you won’t use up all your ink or have to buy special art paper.

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